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Adam has finally arrived back at Madison's to discover that there's a very tempting nympho she-demon in his way.

Amanda gets more then she bargained for when she skips school with a couple popular girls

Follow Michael and his colleagues as they navigate their stressful lives.

A new teachers rough day.

RBF does not stand for, 'Resting Bitch Face' read to find out... Told from the point of views of a manager, a client, and a plaything, we are introduced to a company that makes playthings out of desperate people looking for change.

The story of a father, a mother and their twin daughters

Mike is a kid who goes through a life changing event, that morphs his life forever...

An ancient feud is renewed in a scorching wasteland. Will the climax send our heroine to new heights or does it all end in ash?

The girls meet some boys, then head to the swimming pool. But do Mom and Dad really have to come, too?