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"Aali Rousseau In Blue Robe Black Leather-Dykes Suck On Eachother'_s Beautiful Tits- - April O Neil, Aali Kali"

A young farmer boy offers to become a servant to a large woman with blue skin and horns called an oni and finds out later he has mysterious abilities and a special affinity for the magic

Alex and Alicia decide what they want, once and for all.

(a young lady is introduced to the BDSM lifestyle by a much older man from her innocent past)

Vanessa presents an interesting offer to Jeff and then Lucy gives him a proper "goodnight".

This soccer mom screwed up big time

I wake in hospital with an angel milking my member

son find out he got a sick mom

Maddison wakes to find her nightmare isn't over- her attacker has taken her captive.

Not your average betrayal story, Jaune might have been kicked out of Beacon for faking his papers, but he's back for the vytal festival better than ever with a bevy of beautiful women to back him up. The only question left is how everyone else will react to the once clown turned hero.