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"Adolescents and Young Adults AYAs with Cancer National-A young girl if raped by her internet chat buddies"

A bullied kid meets a beautiful girl that will rock his world but he doesn't know it yet.

Emma idolizes her father, that she still calls Daddy. The 14-year-old beauty does not have any idea what her Daddy has planned this morning. But she will soon find out.

A young man reconnects with his childhood friend's mom, finally getting the chance to act on all his lustful dreams he had about her over the years.

Jane was a hard working woman who worked in a prestigious business office as a secretary to Mr.Mark. She's not your typical 22 year old however and she's been hiding a secret! After one long day in the office, her secret is in jeopardy of being on to find out

A syndicate repossession expert begins his story about the women of a debtor's home.

Stories about a behavior-modifying raygun.

As the evening goes on more sexual excitement happens between the siblings as Wyatt gets a 'surprise' from his big sister Katie and then they clean off in the shower

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